Nature spotting

Come and explore the 32-mile green blue canal corridor and see what wildlife you can spot. The Rochdale Canal offers a haven for a range of plant and animal species. Through the boroughs of Oldham and Rochdale the canal is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) due to the occurrence of floating water plantain (Luronium natans).

Canal corridors provide a rich mosaic of interconnected habitats, many of which have UK Biodiversity Action Plans. These habitats include canal channels, waterway banks, towpath verges, hedgerows, built structures and woodlands.

Canals also provide a home for key species groups including dragonflies and damselflies, birds, water plants, bats, freshwater sponges, butterflies and moths, trees, molluscs, fish and amphibians.

We want your help to build a picture of the fauna and flora of the Rochdale Canal. Where are the bats nesting? What date did the first dragonfly appear? What species of fish can be found?

Contact us with your fascinating Rochdale Canal nature spots and let others know what species they may encounter.